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Long time no see!

It has been a long time since I posted anything, and, to be honest, updating my website is not always my top priority. Also, my Instagram is the best place to follow any new news and goings on! Make sure you look for @amysterlyprints. Also Iast year I started orgainizing an Artists' Book Fair in WALES! Ffair Llyfr Artistiad Cymru! So for news about that follow @ffairllyfrcelf also on Instagram. It will always be in Sept, during the Newtown Food Festival. This year (2024) it will be on the 7/8th. Look on Curatorspace to apply for a stall.

So I have been busy with making Artists' Books, which started in lockdown. Faced with lack of space and lots of time, I started folding and pasting at the kitchen table, using lots of leftover scraps of paper and an old book of birds that was falling apart. So less printmaking and more pasting! But hopefully I will have time for more printmaking this year.

Also my love of books and spilled into sound, and I have been doing projects with libraries (the Bodleian in Oxford and the National Library in Aberystwyth) to compose new sound pieces inspired by a book in their collection. See @soundbookproject on Instagram.

That is all I will say for now, as I pack up my wares to head to the Artists' Book Market in Edinburgh this weekend! Hwyl fawr!

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