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  Amy Sterly is a printmaker and sculptor and originally from Chicago.  She moved to the U.K. in 1989 and has since exhibited throughout the UK, Europe and the USA.  She received a Wales Arts International Travel award in 2004 to attend the Lessedra 3rd International Print Exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria and in 2012 to travel to Finland to research architecture and print which led to an exhibit in Hyvinkaa.  She received an Arts Council Wales Grant in 2006 to research Printmakers in Wales and in 2013 to create a booklet for the Finland/Wales exchange exhibition.

In 2014 she received and Arts Council Research grant for the ‘Sound Books’ project. She combined sound and book works together to create an installation at the Test Bed space at Oriel Davies.  This led to a large production grant in 2015 from ACW to develop Sound Book Project, a collaboration of artists and musicians using books to create a soundscape performance.

“I want my art to trigger emotion and memory and change the object into something that you may not expect.”

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